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For over 30 years our team has served over 25 areas in Minnesota and Wisconsin allows us to serve the community when they need us most.


Community is important, and although our service area is vast, every mile of that area is important. Call today for 24/7 towing.

At Stillwater towing, our team is always prepared to help tow your vehicle. With equipment that suits a variety of vehicle sizes and situations.


Within minutes our dedicated team will be at your side helping to recover your car and transport it to your destination.

Simple towing service for any model car

Get peace of mind from our experienced team.




A solid reputation built by caring professionals

• Truck and car towing

• Motorcycle towing

• Flatbed and Wheel Lift Service

• Safe hook-up

• Damage free towing

• Friendly, reliable service

Our light duty towing options include:

Our services speak for themselves, but our equipment does the real work. Stillwater Towing has invested in the highest quality equipment to ensure your vehicle sustains no damage while in our care.

State-of-the-art equipment